Cross Road

Notes from the Walk

Our God is Amazing! He will do amazing things…

When people come together for the Lord, what will happen?

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The Sweet Love of Jesus

We don't think about it enough!

A Quiet Life

What does it really mean?

God’s Glory, Not Ours

Who is your actions glorifying?

Pointing to Him

Are we using our lives to point to Him?

Happy Father's Day to all our Dads out there! Just because moms have it way harder doesn't mean we can't be thankful for you guys too, right? Just kidding (Dad-joke). Thanks for all you do in leading our families and... Continue Reading →

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Reckless Abandon

Do we understand the full extent of this phrase?

How much of your heart…

Short Read: Does God hold as much of our hearts as He should?


When we don't feel like we have one...

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