Something interesting happened to me today. I went to the Ladies Brunch at my grandmother’s church, and Babbie Mason was the guest speaker. Let me just say, Babbie Mason is an amazing, godly lady, and a very talented singer. But what happened after the official end of the event is the really interesting part. I went to get Babbie’s autograph with my sister and my mom. Babbie talked to my sister for a little while about her talent for singing, and she even sang part of a song with her. Then Babbie turned to me and asked what I did. When she heard I wanted to be a Christian writer, she told me quite prophetically (as Babbie will tell you most things) that she could tell that was who I was. She said she could see down in my “little writer soul” that I have that talent and I have something to say. And people need to hear what I have to say; people of my generation need to hear it from me. She told me the more you use that talent the better it will get. She said she could tell we (my sister and me) had our heads on straight: the world wasn’t changing us, we were going to be world changers. And she said specifically to me that “girls need hope.” Girls need to know they have hope.

Obviously, I was incredibly inspired and amazed by everything she said. I was also honored. But I started to think on the way home: there’s a whole Christian movement right now about girls feeling loved and valued, do they really need to hear it from me? Shouldn’t I be writing about other stuff? I can tell you, it didn’t take long for God to swoop in and save me from that idea, knock it right out of the picture. I realized girls today do need hope, and to be honest, the things trying to help us find it don’t always work. I know. I tried. I realized in the car on the way home I had needed hope. At the Ladies Brunch, God used Babbie and multiple others to give me hope. I needed hope and reassurance that I was meant to be a writer, that God was calling me to do this. I needed hope and reassurance that there are people who do not hesitate to follow God. I needed hope and reassurance that I am loved by God so much and His love is all I need to live. I needed hope and reassurance God created me valuable and Jesus has made me valuable: I am valuable no matter what. I knew I needed hope before the event, and God showed it to me. God showed me what I needed to continue in Him.

And other girls need hope too. That’s one big reason God put us all together on this walk with Him. We are supposed to help build each other up. I realized Babbie had the quality I had always longed to see and to have: she didn’t hesitate, at all. If someone told her to sing, pray, or speak, she jumped right up and did it. If God told her to do something, she did it right then. We as Christians are no longer subject to the opinions of others, but we still let them hinder us, even from doing what God is telling us to do. We’re afraid to raise our hands in worship, to talk to that stranger, to talk to that unbelieving friend, to pray in front of others, and to even talk about Him with other believers. We let this fear stop us from making the most phenomenal impact on the people around us for God. We’re afraid to do things that are vulnerable, out of the ordinary, personal, or blatantly Christian. But these are the things God uses to impact other people deepest. We’re afraid of being considered weird, overly zealous, “religious freak,” too eager, childish, unrestrained, or extreme. We’re even afraid of being called show-offs. Well, I can only speak for myself directly, but I am ready to show-off my loving, holy, perfect, and all-powerful Savior! And that’s what God calls us all to do.

So here’s some hope today:

God loves you as much as He loves Jesus, John 17: 26.

Your past is not only forgiven, its forgotten.

If you can’t feel you are loved that much by God with your feelings, feel it with your faith. You are saved through faith not feelings.

Your talent is amazing and God-honoring, so use it! Don’t long for the talents of others; your talent is important, vital ministry! You are talented; use it for God!

You are God’s masterpiece! God is the Potter, and we are the work of His hands. The pot doesn’t say “I’m not valuable.” The Potter decides how valuable the pot is, and God has bought us with the blood of His Son. That is how valuable we are.

God created the world, and He said it is good. God created the animals, and He said it is good. God created man, and He said it is good. God created women, and He said it is very good. You can read Genesis for yourself.—Babbie Mason

My take: God tried it with everything else. It didn’t work just right. So, He created woman, and that completed creation. The woman was the finishing touch that brought everything together.

So I am going to spread hope; we all need to. Girls, guys, kids, seniors—anything that can talk needs the hope of Jesus! Having faith and hope in Him is the groundwork for living for God, the ultimate goal of every Christian. Spread His love to others. This means really love everyone. You don’t need to support their bad decisions; you don’t need to remain silent so not to offend them. You don’t need to avoid the judgment of others. You need to truly love others with the love God over-flowingly pours into you. This isn’t just doing things for others; it is caring about others. Everyone is looking for new ways to show God’s love to others, often in a subtle way. We don’t need to read articles about “under cover” ways to spread God’s love, we need to do it loudly! And no one needs printed instructions to figure out how to do this. We only need the Bible and the Holy Spirit, and we are thoroughly equipped. Submitting to God’s calling will often seem spontaneous, abrupt, and possibly insignificant if we rely on our own reasoning. But God’s plan is bigger than our minds are able to handle. We are a part of His plan. So spread hope, faith, and love, and trust God. Nothing else matters but bringing God glory and helping others see Him. I want to be the answer to someone’s prayer.

E. R. Peters

Listen to Babbie sing “Love Like That” at the beginning of her show: