“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’” Isaiah 6:8

I’m going to start getting to know my friends spiritually. I want to care how they’re doing in their walk with God and not just what they’re like on the outside. How can we love someone in Christ and not care about where they are with Him? Love, and spread hope! Encourage them in the faith and let them encourage you. That’s why we are together; we should be united not just physically (in presence), but spiritually as well (in the Spirit of God). Encourage them with the encouragement you have received. The things that have helped you in your Christian walk will probably help other Christians too. God uses others to pour into us, and He will use us to pour into others. We are called to be reflections of Him. So start asking questions and listening closer, and learn about your friends’ relationships with Jesus. See how He has helped them now and in the past, and pay attention to how they are currently struggling. And pray that God will use you to help them. Even just being there can help a person more than you know.

We get so nervous about saying anything spiritual, even just to friends. But do it anyways! I have done it, and it’s not only God-honoring but it also helps grow and bring hope to your Christian friendships. And it helps your unbelieving friends too. If your friend is like mine, I just sent him a couple of text messages in a conversation we were having asking him where he found encouragement to live for the Lord and who he liked to hear preach. It wasn’t much, but who can tell where God will take it? It’s just our part to be there and follow God’s plan. Someday we’ll see how it all comes together, but until then, we just have to have faith in God! Faith there is a God in heaven and we are a part of His plan. God works in subtle yet humongous ways, and He does work through us! We just have to ask Him for guidance and let Him use us.

Too often we forget the people closest to us need Jesus too. Even our Christian family and friends need us to be God’s light sometimes. We think since they are already Christians and have no monumental problems we can see, they don’t need us to be God’s witnesses. The truth is they do. They need encouragement and help just like we do. And often God uses the people closest to us to show His love, hope, faithfulness, mercy, grace, and power in our lives. So don’t neglect the opportunities God has put closest to you. They are often the ones who need Him the most and the places where you can have the most impact. Because these people know you’re not a superhero, you don’t have it all together, you’re not some “born with it” person. You’re just a person saved, changed, and used by our amazing and indescribable God. Because this person knows you and knows you care about them, they are more likely to really listen to you. So show them God, encourage them in the faith, give them hope, and love them. God will use you if you ask Him and let Him!

E. R. Peters