As the title implies, this one goes out to the girls…

For King and Country recently had a movie come out called Priceless. They also have a song by the same name that is about the true value women have. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to their song, here is the link: [ ]. It’s a great song with a fantastic message. I do believe there is a movement of people standing up and telling women their true value, and believing it too. But as peachy as that is, when the people around us don’t seem to give us that value, it can be hard to see it ourselves.

No matter what they say, how they treat you, or how you feel, I want you to remember one thing: neither they nor you have the power to decide your value. Jesus Christ–your Creator, and Savior, and Lord–is the only One Who can decide your value. The One Who made you, saved you, and rules over you is the only One with that authority and power.

And you already know how much value He has given you! The perfect, holy, spotless Son of God died on the cross to save you! You were bought back from your sins with the priceless blood of Jesus! That is how priceless you are. God made you Himself. He planned every one of your days, and your quirks. God has created you unlike anyone else; there is no other person like you. You are that valuable, a one of a kind work of art by the Great Potter. And you not only belong to Jesus, but you are a child of God. A daughter of the Most High King, with Jesus as your Big Brother! This is your true value.

When the people around us don’t treat us with kindness and respect, it is very easy to lose focus on our amazing acceptance and value in God. But when this happens, our wisest option is to go to God,  remember how much value God has given us (our true value), and treat ourselves with respect and kindness. Stuff like this happens. People will seem to shun you, and you will feel tempted to do whatever it takes to gain their acceptance. But we were never mean to try to earn acceptance from people, or the world. You are meant to just accept your acceptance in God. Never let someone make you feel less than you are because this gives the world a foothold in your life. Even when people treat you like you’re worthless, you can be that girl who shrugs it off since you know and fully believe: you are priceless.

            “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.”– Jesus to you (Song of Songs 4:7).