“My grief sat lighter upon me, my habitation grew comfortable to me beyond measure; and when I reflected that in this solitary life, which I had been confined to, I had not only been moved myself to look up to Heaven, and to seek to the hand that brought me thither, but was now to be made an instrument, under Providence, to save the life, and, aught I knew, the soul, of a poor savage, and bring him to the true knowledge of religion and of the Christian doctrine, that he might know Christ Jesus, to know whom is eternal life–I say, when I reflected upon all these things, a secret joy ran through every part of my soul, and I frequently rejoiced that ever I was brought to this place, which I had often thought the most dreadful of all afflictions that could possibly have befallen me.”

Even Robinson Crusoe, trapped on a deserted island, except for the visiting cannibal or thirty, when he turned to the Lord, could consider his trials pure joy when he saw the amazing things the Lord was doing through them!