Read Job 37:1-16

What a great example of God’s wonderful creation! Read back over the words, paying special attention to any parts that you feel speaking to you. Think about how marvelous God’s creation is and how wonderful is His power in it. This passage spoke to me particularly since we just had the first snow of this year, but no matter where you are, sit and think about God’s awesome works.

I know, it’s hard to sit still and just be. Our minds race and our thoughts are just too uneasy to pull in. But accept that God is not only the God and King of His universe but of time too. He wants us to spend time just thinking about and appreciating all He has made. “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.”(v.5)

Simply sit and meditate on how great and awesome our Creator is. Take your time wondering at all He has made. It’s too bad how little we do this. Enjoy it now and honor God for all He has done.

How great are You Lord! You created and command the lightening and the thunder to follow it, how much more do You govern in the hearts of man! You Who made the universe and are sovereign over it, how much more do You guide us? You have placed every thing, living or not, in its proper place according to Your plan! Your will must be carried out even more so in humans! Your hands formed man, and Your words put the whole earth into existence with everything in it! How powerful and good and wise Thou art!

Just sitting still and seeing all of His works, and in a sense just acknowledging He is Who He is, is what I think God means by having Sabbath time with Him, time devoted to Him. A friend of mine once said it’s pretty much impossible in this day and age to have an entire day of Sabbath rest, but we can still have Sabbath moments. These are the moments we need to get to know the Father and put everything in perspective. We worship Him in times like this.