It’s amazing what the church can do when they come together for one thing. Just today, my youth group had a work day to help clean out and fix up the youth’s worship center, which was long overdue for a little TLC. Not only did we have students and parents show up, but also members of the men’s ministry. There were more people than we could ordinarily control, but no one needed to control this. It was a group of people ready and willing to just come in and start helping. Amazing. There wasn’t anyone there I was concerned about. There were people who came that surprised me that they showed up at all. And everybody worked hard. It worked out so well we didn’t just complete the youth minister’s to-do list (which he didn’t think would get done anyway). Along with repainting the stage and back wall, dismantling a smaller stage, reattaching the stairs to the stage, cleaning out the sound booth, putting a door on an electrical thing, and a few other projects in the worship room; we also cleaned out the children ministry’s costume closet, sorted through the choir closet and youth storage closet, and decorated the girl’s Sunday school classroom. When thirty people (give or take) show up willing to work for some specific goal, the results can surprise you.

This got me thinking, what would our church be like if we could get that same number of people to come together with the sole purpose of, not cleaning, but honestly seeking Jesus? Jesus told us where two or more gather in His Name, He is also there. Imagine what could be done! Even if two people came together ready to unreservedly seek the Lord, Jesus is already there. And with Jesus we know anything’s possible.

Why don’t we show up to church with this same kind of willingness toward God? I’m not sure, and the individual reason probably varies. But the point is we should. The things that could be accomplished and experienced and learned and healed and helped and fixed and grown and forgiven and discovered and found and released would be amazing beyond anything we could imagine. It would be an act of God, and how could we pass that up?

So find one person. One. Not thirty, twenty, or ten. Start with one other person who is willing to hold nothing back in meeting together to truly seek the Lord. And just go for it. Pray, worship, read His Word, study His character, embrace His love. The results will be up to God, and I can only anticipate they will be amazing since He is an amazing God.