Read Psalm 51:1-4, 10-13 and Proverbs 23:26

We’ve all felt depressed before, and we’ve all had struggles of this life bring us down. But in the words of John Wesley:

“Beware of anger; beware of worldly sorrow; beware of the fear that hath torment; beware of foolish and hurtful desires; beware of inordinate affection; remember the kind command, ‘My son, give me thy heart!’ Then shall there be no more complaining of lowness of spirits! But ‘the peace of God, which passeth all understanding,’ shall keep thy heart and mind in Christ Jesus!”

Sometimes depression comes from unaddressed problems like these, but other times it comes from the things happening around us, or more specifically, to us.

It’s important to remember this life can bring us down only if we let it. We shouldn’t let ourselves focus on the bad things of this world so much that they overcome our joy in God. As Christians, we are commanded to keep our eyes on heavenly things: whether our heavenly Father, our Savior reigning in heaven, the Holy Spirit of God from heaven, the grace in our life of heavenly origin, or the many blessings heaven rains down to earth. There will be trouble in this world; things may happen to us that we don’t deserve. Our response: don’t worry about it. Not “don’t deal with it,” just don’t let worry eat your life.

Mediation is a great defense against depressed and jaded attitudes. It took me the longest time to realize what pastors meant by “meditation.” I have seen author Bill Myers define it not as emptying the mind but filling every ounce of it with God. Set your eyes upon Jesus and let His presence permeate every part of your being. Take some time to simply focus on God. How can we find happiness in Someone we don’t spend time with? Or how can we reflect Someone we are not saturated in? Fill yourself with Jesus Christ.

This is like a kind of worship. Knowing God and worshipping Him for all His amazing attributes helps remind us Who He is and with Who our hope is set. He alone holds infinite wisdom, power, and goodness! By remembering and remaining in the fact God truly is perfect and treats us with such grace, we can fill our souls with hope, our lungs with joy, and our hearts with love for our Maker.

Talk with God. Only by His grace are we able to give Him our burdens in exchange for His peace. When we turn our eyes to look fully on Jesus’ wonderful face, all other things pale in comparison. And that’s a good thing! Because unlike those other things, good or bad, addictive or repulsive—God will never fail to bring us true happiness, purpose, and joy! And He will readily and gladly be our peace in times when we feel like we’ve been swallowed by the things around us! In the darkness, He is our light. In the winter, He is our warmth. In the burning sun, He is our shade. In loneliness, He is our comfort. In death, He is our life!

Depression is not something worth delving into in the first place, except to escape from it. There’s nothing wrong with being sad for a little while, but anything excessive is dangerous. No matter what, our Creator never allows anything to happen we cannot face with His help. And in the most chaotic and spirit-crushing circumstances, our Father will shine His light, so we can follow Him through it all.

All praise to You Father! Thank You Lord for helping me through the pain I have experienced. Please guard my heart and keep me from depression, now and in the future. When I or someone around me is going through tough things, help us turn to You. You are our ever-present help and Savior! Thank You that this is true! Please help us love You more and find our joy in You! Here’s my heart Lord! Please take it and be my peace. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Hallelujah! Amen!

“Speak what is true, Lord!” Amen.