If We’re Honest:

We aren’t superheroes. We aren’t self-sufficient. We aren’t ready, or willing, or optimistic. We aren’t perfect. We aren’t good at this. We aren’t open. We aren’t always in a good mood. We aren’t patient. We most certainly aren’t brave. We aren’t good enough, strong enough, or smart enough. We aren’t whole. We aren’t doing great. We aren’t in a perpetual state of contentment. We aren’t joyful. We aren’t loving. We aren’t faithful. We aren’t in control. We aren’t enough.

Mind-blower: We aren’t meant to be.

In a world telling us to believe we are all these things (whether or not we think we are), it can be easy to fall for the lie that we can achieve everything we need ourselves, or that this is just how life is, or that no one’s perfect. But no matter how many posters we have in our room or office. No matter how many times we say it to ourselves. No matter how hard we try to believe we can do it, we can never cover up the hole inside ourselves telling the ultimate truth: we can’t.

But we keep going. We strive for human perfection. We try to clean up our lives, we try to stay positive, we try to prove to every sneering nay-sayer that we aren’t a messed up person. And meanwhile somewhere deep in our hearts, we are yearning for something, hungry for something we can’t put our finger on. We are broken.

So we try to fill ourselves with more achievement, gorging ourselves on beauty, intelligence, and skill. And we stay hungry. We seek out people to learn from them and then eventually surpass them. And we stay hungry. We find people like us to encourage us to keep at it. And we stay hungry.

We never achieve satisfaction or fulfillment, because we were never meant to give it to ourselves.

You know what the answer is: God, the perfect, flawless One Who loves the mess you are, the King Who died for His subjects, the Father Who provides for His children, the Savoir Who came to rescue the unworthy ones, the God Who so loved the world, black and vile though it is. He makes us pure. He makes us new. He makes us flawless. He makes us holy. He makes us like Himself.

But we Christians can still be guilty of trying to earn human perfection, and our souls remain hungry. Why? Because it’s addictive. It’s all a lie; we could never make it, so why do we continue to chase it? Because many don’t take the time to realize all we need is provided by God.

People still think things like: if I could just get that relationship, that car, that weight, that house, that image, or that other idol. They’re pretty little things, shiny and popular and more addictive than any drug out there. How do we fight it? How can we?

We can because God can. God satisfies that hunger in our lives; God fills the hole. He specifically put the hole inside us so that He alone could fill it. We aren’t all those things because we aren’t capable of being them on our own, and we have yet to realize there is Someone else that is here to help us. God is everything we need.

Bottom line (best way I can say it): Human “perfection” is ridiculously stupid compared to the perfection of our God.

Read Matthew 6:25-34

Where does your identity come from? What is your source of confidence? From what do you draw a sense of safety? Our Father wants us to receive all these things from Him because He is the only One Who truly knows what we need. After all, He created us. But He also gives us a choice of where we will choose to receive these things from. Sometimes we wish He didn’t, that He just made us so we would always turn to Him. But how amazing it is to choose God!

What do you draw your identity from? Is it your job, family, school, or status? Where do you get your confidence? Is it from your friends, talents, intellect, or accomplishments? Or where do you find that sense of safety and security? Could it be your home, relationships, or hobbies?

Imagine for a moment that the one thing you would never ever want to happen just happened. Where would be the first place you turned to build yourself back up? We all know the “Sunday-school answer” should be God, but it doesn’t always go that way.

Making God the focus of your life helps open your eyes to see that the idol you were so focused on before is actually useless. That thing would have eventually let you down, if it hasn’t already. But our Father will always be there for us, and He will always provide for us in whatever way we truly need. This gives us the peace and faith that defeats all worry and anxiety. This is a gift from our great, providential Father.

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Matt. 6:27

No. But when you give your life to God, He adds eternity to it.

Thank You, Lord, that You provide for us! Please help us trust You with any insecurities or anxiety we have. Please help us find comfort in You! Thank You for being there for us and always helping us. Thank You for Your unending love! Let Your Name be praised! In Lord Jesus’ indescribable Name i pray, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Amen.