Read Mark 10:29-31

In light of our current theme of sacrifice, I have a challenge for you. On a piece of paper describe your talents, identities (son, wife, father, coworker, neighbor, etc.), and most valuable possessions (literal or sentimental). Finally, draw a little heart somewhere on the page and write your name on it or simply “my heart.” Do this now.

Now that you have written these down, copy the following paragraph onto the paper below them:

“Lord Jesus, in view of all that You are to me and all You have done for me, in view of Your love and mercy, in view of Your grace and forgiveness, and in view of Your sacrifice and resurrection, I relinquish all control of these things to You alone, never to be taken back. You are my Master.”

Read over your contract and think about what you’ve made. Now sign and date the bottom of the page.

Can you sign it? Are you aware of what you’ve done? Will you honor it?




(Idea inspired by the Not A Fan Bible study book, The Follower’s Journal.)