On giving up following my own ways, good or bad, to totally embrace God’s way!



How can we not?

We are saved by our Savior,

But how quickly we forgot.


How can we resist?

We try to do Your will,

At our conscience’s insist.


How can we do it?

Did we ever truly give it all,

With how often we blew it?


How can I give it all?

I want to be in control,

But can’t help but fall.


How can You have my heart?

When my mind is in the way,

Of that one missing part.


Savior, crush my common sense!

Which questions what I know by faith,

And wrecks love’s pure innocence.


Oh how sweet the sound,

When a heart forgets its mind,

And true love’s devotion yet again is found!

This poem describes the different mindsets and questions a Christian goes through when he gives up his own way and re-surrenders his life totally to God and His love.



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