–For You, Lord!


Commitment was made,

With hollow holes in hand,

Not gold or silver inlaid,

But wrapped with bloody bands.


The ceremony was dark,

Though love lit it with the brightest light,

While eternity’s faithfulness did impart,

Beauty to unnatural night.


The Bridegroom came,

And sanctified His engagement with wine,

So life could never be the same,

By His blood of holiness divine.


The altar before which He vowed,

Was two thorny beams but bare,

And when on it His body bowed,

Not floral fragrance (but nails) caused His linger there.


And there to the Father He prayed,

Not of blessings but forgiveness’ cry,

For the creation He had made,

As He called out toward the darkened sky.


And there His great love,

Proved beyond a need for speech,

First pledged what now we hold above:

We’re all within His mercy’s reach.


And then the Bridegroom gave,

In God’s sweet irony,

His body into the grave,

So we forevermore will see.


He cleaned our sin-blacked cataracts,

And opened wide our eyes,

And through His humble, sacred act,

He brought us back to life.


So we no longer in darkness grope,

But watch His face to the very end,

As we wait in faithful hope,

For the return of our victorious Friend!