Read Isaiah 48:17-18 and Isaiah 51:1-3, 6.

Isn’t this an amazing passage? God Himself is our Teacher and will teach us to be like Him. These verses remind us of something very important: we only need God. So often we become dependent on outside resources and other people to keep us growing in our faith, but all we really should be dependent on is our Father. God does use devotionals, Bible studies, sermons and pastors to teach us things, but He also simply uses His Spirit and His Word. These are the only things we should depend on for God’s teaching. We have to be open to God’s voice and touch in our lives if we want to learn from Him, and that takes a right relationship with God. If He’s not teaching you things in your own life, ask Him to. Revaluate where you’re dependency is placed, and give all your dependency to God.

God also takes care of us. Have you ever experienced a time when you just knew God was holding you and it was all going to be all right? Maybe it was in the middle of something really bad or stressful, but you had peace in God because He is in control and He loves you. God wants us to have faith like that all the time. He wants us to remember He is always holding us like that and we have nothing to fear because He loves us. Abraham was called away from his home country and family to a place he wasn’t even aware of. Abraham didn’t have any plan, and God didn’t tell him about His own plan. But God took care of Abraham. Abraham had faith in God that He would provide and fulfill His promises. We are called to have faith in a similar way: God’s not going to tell us what the plan is; He’s only going to tell us Who He is. Faith isn’t about a feeling or plan; it’s about a Person. We have to trust Him every moment of every day.

It’s by the grace of God we’ve been saved because He loves us. This is what makes both of these things possible and expected for God’s children. This is also something we will never understand; God’s just too gracious and loving for our minds to handle. Isn’t it beautiful?

Thank You, God, for Your great love, grace, mercy, favor, and forgiveness You have given us! Thank You, Lord, that You teach us and take care of us in all things. Thank You that we can depend on You to change our hearts and show us what we need to know if we’ll only pay attention to You. Please help us have eyes to see and ears to hear, and please make our hearts soft and sensitive to Your touch. Please help us have faith in You, true faith. Let us be Your children taught by our Father. In Jesus’ Name i pray. Yes, You are our Teacher. Yes, You are our Father. You are God! Yes, i will listen to You! Amen.