Psalm 46:10

What is it you’re doing or thinking that is so much more important than the King of the universe and His plan for you?

Psalm 27:13-14

Why are you not confident that God will show up? Why do you think something has to be done right now? Will you not see the “goodness of the Lord” here?

Exodus 14:14

The Lord already has the ultimate victory, and our victory is in Him. He has defeated sin and death. He promises to fight for us. We “need only to be still.”

So what are you going through right now that causes you to worry? It could be anything–a sin you’re battling with, temptation in your life, a person. It could even be uneasiness towards God’s will for you. Whatever it is, have faith. “[B]e strong and take heart.” (in Psalm 27:14) Wait for the Lord to show you the way, and then take it. He shows up at every moment of our lives. We need only to be still so we can see Him.

Pray, and ask God to quiet your mind and open your eyes.