It’s Good Friday. For some of us, it felt like any other day. For others it was special. You may have gone to a church service or read the story of the crucifixion with your family. A few of us spent the entire day with God, honestly in His presence. Many of us stumbled and got distracted. But there’s one thing I want us all to do.

Read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion before bed. It can be from any of the Gospels (I’m partial to John’s account). And then pray to God about what you read.

But as you’re praying, look at your hands. They don’t seem like anything until you realize that you were the one who should have had nails put through them. Your unscarred body doesn’t seem like much until you remember you should have been beaten and whipped. Your life doesn’t seem so important until you see that you should have died that day. And your eternity can be taken for granted until you admit you deserved the fires of hell.

But Jesus took all your sin for you. The Son of God was brought to the point He didn’t even resemble a human anymore so you can be forgiven for letting your mind wander where it shouldn’t, letting your pride get control of you, and every other sin you’ve committed. Oh, how He loves us.