Read John 20:11-18 and 15:26-27.

Jesus is alive! Hallelujah! We know He is our source of hope, joy, and peace–hope for a new life with Him, joy that He is our risen Savior, and peace that our sins have truly been forgiven and death has truly been defeated.

Aside from proving He truly is the Son of God and Messiah, promising us new life, and many other things, He also showed that He is with us. Not only did He rise to life again, but after rising, He spent even more time with His disciples here on earth. He also promised us the Holy Spirit even before He died for us. God wants to be with us, and if we are His child, He always is.

Life can get hard, depressing, lonely, and confusing. But when we look at the tomb, we are reminded of Who God is: all-powerful, loving, and completely in control. He doesn’t make mistakes or get caught off guard; that’s us. Even during tough times we can trust God is working in them to bring about His purpose. Mary was confused, depressed, struggling, and lonely, and because of it, she had trouble recognizing Jesus even though she was looking for Him. But that doesn’t change the fact He was there. He wasn’t present the way she thought He would be, but His way was so much better. He’s also present in our lives, working in ways we don’t see yet. But He is here and we can trust in Him.

Pray to God, and in the most honest way you can, thank Him and praise Him for always being here for you.