Do you ever wonder why God often calls us into messy situations? We’ve been cleansed by the blood of Jesus and made perfect. God is also perfect. Why do we end up in some really messy situations for Him? I don’t mean sinful necessarily, but maybe frustrating, confusing, tiring, or pointless feeling.

Read Acts 6:8-9 and 7:2-60 and note where God shows up.

God has stuck with us through some very messy situations too. It looks like a roller coaster of ups and downs, obedience and sin. Things are messy because the world we live in is no longer perfect, and even we still make mistakes. But messy never discouraged the Lord.

God (Jesus) came to earth and endured our pain, dirt, and weakness to bring us back to God, even while we were still rejecting Him. What Jesus did—hang nailed to a cross for hours, bleeding and sweating, after being repeatedly beaten, spit on, and more—was messy, but He did it because of His great love for and devotion to both the Father and us. We are also called to follow our Father through this messy world, not avoiding the dirt. We are called to get muddied up to advance His kingdom.

Love’s messy. We’re the ones who mess things up. But this recount Stephen gave of what God had done for the Israelites, along with the rest of Bible, proves that God loves us even when we mess things up. Even when we follow our own desires instead of God’s, even when we choose sin, God still loves His children. That’s something legalists hate to admit because it shows our opinion in God’s eyes has nothing to do with our actions. It also shows the depths of His incredible love.

His great love for us should lead us to desire to follow Him and love like He does. Loving others isn’t safe either. But even when it’s hard and discouraging, we should keep going. Why? Because there’s something else about love, it doesn’t quit. God proved that. He didn’t give up on us, so we shouldn’t give up on each other. Even if it’s messy.

Lord, thank You for never giving up on us! Thank You that we have been saved and are free to serve You in love! Please guide us in loving You and others with the great, matchless love You have given to us! Thank You for this love! In Lord Jesus’ holy Name i pray. You are a good, good Father! Amen.