–Dedicated to the class of 2017


Lost Down Memory Lane

Standing, staring, at the door,

We know well what’s in store,

But God, familiar still beckons me,

Down a lane called memory.


And confidently I step through,

And to my own world bid adieu,

As I enter worlds long past,

In the distance, growing fast.


Sunny days of childhood fair,

Youngest days without a care,

Ball and bat, bikes and swings,

Golden pictures of children’s things.


Now growing taller every day,

Growing smarter in every way,

School, and books, and playground friends,

Such daily life seems to never end!


Taller still and older now,

That yellow light’s final bow,

Older children don’t care for play,

With all the fun in dreaming of “someday.”


And our laughter turns to sighs,

As we enter Junior High,

The school of hard-knocks hits us hard,

Leaves our sureness torn and scarred.


We lose young innocence with its grace,

But have nothing else to take its place,

Superficial laws of what not to do,

Your greatest critic soon becomes you.


High School comes like a breath of air,

We’re kinder to be and bolder to dare,

But while we gain this sweet relief,

Our sense of freedom is sadly brief.


Finding classes, getting lost,

Good grades come at hefty cost,

Tests are this way, teachers there,

The two can make a stressful pair.


But days grow normal, as do minds,

We learn to dodge, to work, to climb,

We find new friends along the way,

We find ourselves, this time to stay.


And once we feel we’ve got it made,

We’ve crossed all waters left to wade,

Standing, perched upon a cliff,

Graduation fills our mind’s what if’s.


It seemed quite large at a distance,

And standing close doesn’t make much difference,

But it will all turn out just fine, right?

With a little prayer, we hold on tight.


I wake back up and it’s today,

The future is well on its way,

With all the past held down that lane,

It’s here and now we must remain.


And so, with each old one held in tow,

Into a new world, here we go!

Why can’t the present us remain?

They already left down Memory Lane.