Sometimes I write posts for myself because they’re what I needed to hear.  

Every time there’s a thunderstorm, we have to put my dog in a small pen in our backyard. I can hear the thunder rumbling in the distance as I write this. Our dog stays in our backyard all the time; he’s an “outside dog.” But thunder freaks him out so badly that, whenever there’s a thunderstorm, he attempts to make himself an “inside dog.” Otherwise stated, he tries to jump through a closed, first story window. So before it even starts raining we have to put him in his little pen, which contains his doghouse and water bowl. He doesn’t like it, at all. He’d much rather be off running around in the full expanse of our backyard and doing what he wants, instead of being contained. But it’s what’s best, for both the sake of our windows and his safety.

Then I started thinking. Like our dog when it storms, God blocks us off from things we want and that seem right in our own eyes because He knows when the time comes, we will get carried away by our own feelings and do something wrong. We will break something and hurt ourselves. So He keeps us away from it, and we cry and complain to Him about it. Eventually we accept it, but we’re still very depressed about it. Sometimes we even question if He still loves us. But He’s still there, reassuring us, comforting us, and reminding us of His love and kindness. We too often lack the capabilities to see past our current circumstances and emotions. Even if we never see what God was trying to save us from, we should still trust He did it for our good. And as soon as the time is right and the skies are clear, He brings us out again!

God values relationship with us and loves us more strongly than we will ever know. He doesn’t want us to go through something that is not a part of His will for us, because it will separate us from Him and cause more harm than good. Like that job that seemed good but God closed the door, or that boy/girlfriend you wanted but God didn’t, or the plan that you made that wasn’t in God’s plan—God looks past our temporary happiness to see what will ultimately be the best. God’s making sure you follow His path. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9) He’s leading you to a better place, a place with Him in His will, the only place where you can experience true freedom in Him!

Trust, pray and hang in there. Remember that you’re not alone; your good, good Father is still right there with you.