“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

What does it mean to be someone’s witness? It means to openly tell what you’ve seen someone do or heard someone say. In most legal cases, it boils down to verifying that someone is what they say they are. We are called to be Jesus’ witnesses. This means we are called by Jesus to tell others what we’ve seen and heard of Him in our own lives.

From my experience, there seem to be three types of Christians: those who think their testimony is too “good,” those who think their testimony is too “bad,” and those who often and openly share their testimony.

Some people feel like their testimony isn’t that big of a deal. They grew up in church, had good Christian parents, and never went through anything that is (by our standards) exceedingly bad. They question how God’s infinite power could really be shown through their stories. How powerful is such a squeaky-clean testimony?

Then there are others who have gone through some really bad stuff. They know the Lord has saved them and forgiven them, but they feel like their testimony is simply too sinful. They’re worried that if people knew what they have gone through, it would make people consider them a “lesser-Christian.” They question if God can really save them from the judgment of their past. How powerful really is such a checkered testimony?

Then there’s the third group, the people we see openly sharing their testimonies. We can see the love, power, and grace of God painted so vividly through their stories. Many people would say that there is no such thing as an unusable testimony. On the contrary, there is. What’s the difference between a powerful testimony in God’s hands and an unusable one? An unusable testimony is one no one is willing to share. God has saved us, people deserving of punishment because of our choices, by the blood of His perfect Son Jesus from all our sin. We all sinned, and we’ve all been changed. When it comes down to the first two groups it’s important to remember: not one person needs a drop more or a drop less of Jesus’ amazing grace than any other person. We all need the same amount, all of it, no matter how bad or good our lives looked by our human standards. And we’ve all been made into totally new creations.

God has given us each our testimony as a powerful tool to give Him glory and to help others know Him more. The evil one knows this, and since our lives are already hidden in Christ where he can’t get to them, he’ll do anything to stop us from witnessing to others about God. But God is infinitely stronger. God our Lord, Creator, and Father will help us share all He’s done for us if we will simply let Him use us. Every testimony of God’s salvation is powerful and effective, and there isn’t one better than another. Just as God has saved us all, He will also use us all. The devil wants us to forget our testimonies and believe they don’t matter because God wants us to remember them and know they matter greatly. The devil wants us to be too self-conscious and self-focused to share them because God will use them to make us and others more God-conscious and God-focused.

Our testimonies aren’t just the story of how we “got saved;” they are also the ways God has continued and is continuing to change us to be like Jesus. You don’t have to be smart enough, old enough, spiritual enough, or even outgoing enough to share your story; you just have to trust the One Who is enough! God is victorious over sin, death, evil, and even us. Don’t stay quiet anymore!

So that’s my challenge for you: give yourself a certain amount of time (i.e. a week) to share your testimony with someone. Let God show you who. Maybe the Lord will lead you to share your testimony with a good Christian friend and then listen to theirs too.  Maybe He will lead you to share your story with your Bible study or small group. Or maybe He will lead you to share it with someone who doesn’t know Christ as their Savior! Trust God and follow His lead. He works in mysterious ways; you never know the impact He’s using you to make. He is good!

Thank God for saving you and changing you! Thank Him for your story! Ask Him to help you, strengthen you and lead you in sharing it with someone.