Read Matthew 25:31-40 and John 10:14-18.

Who are the least of these? Is it the unborn baby? The one trapped in sex-trafficking? The orphan, the divorcee’s child, the foster kid? All the children and adults starving around the world? The lonely widow, or the lonely anyone?

We are called to love. True love is self-sacrificing, as Jesus showed us. Jesus willingly chose to lay down His life for His sheep. He gave up His life for every person stated above and even more. He also died for thieves, murders, adulterers, the greedy, prostitutes, idolaters, hypocrites, and every sinner. Jesus Christ died for every person to free them from their sin and bring them to know God, knowing full well what they had done.

How many people want to go visit a sick person? Or how many people do you know would want to help a complete stranger? Have you ever visited a prison? If you do want to do these things, that’s not a natural human response. That’s a divine response, a response of love. We are called to do these things out of love for others, even strangers and sinners. How can you love the least of these today? For starters, you could always pray.

Lord, You are so gracious and loving to us! You gave Your Son so we can be forgiven, healed, changed, and reconciled to You! Your grace truly is amazing, and we could never thank You enough! Lord, i admit i haven’t always loved those around me like You want me to. And i have even chosen to not love You at times. Please forgive me. Thank You that Your forgiveness is for all of us who come to You! Thank You Jesus for giving Your life on the cross in the ultimate act of love for us! Thank You for Your great grace! Please help us be focused on You and Your grace for us. Please help us grow in our love relationship with You and from there love others like You do! Please be with every foster child, every orphan, every lonely widow, every person trapped in human trafficking, everyone suffering by divorce, everyone trapped in an abusive relationship, everyone struggling with their past, every baby whose mother is contemplating abortion, every person suffering from depression or loneliness, every person struggling with suicidal thoughts, every person going hungry and without bare necessities, every person struggling to forgive another, and every person trapped in sin and thinking it defines them. Please help every person who thinks they are too far gone for Your transforming love and grace! And please soften our hearts to others and help us see them through Your eyes. You love every one of these people and want them all to know You! You have called us to show them to You and to show them by the way we live that You really do make all the difference. You are everything we could ever need; You satisfy all of us. You are love! You love us! Hallelujah! You are stronger than everything, and You have saved us! In Your Name i pray dear Lord Jesus Christ! i love You! Help me love You more! ❤ Amen.

In closing, I love how Jesus says, “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen.” (in v.16) Jesus has other followers that are not from where we are from or even when we are from. God has children from all kinds of places and all walks of life. That’s so amazing.