Luke 18:1-8.

We should always pray; we know that. But one of the most powerful parts of this passage is Jesus’ closing question: However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (in v.8) This question is a chilling reminder of our lack of faith. We know God is our Provider, Defender, and Father, but we forget He’s also our Lord (Master), King, and Leader. He has saved us. He has called us to a radically changed life, a life lived for Him. It can seem easy to brush off this responsibility to be His body here, but that doesn’t change the importance of it. Do we have the faith in God to truly live for Him, forsaking all of ourselves?

If Jesus came back today, would He find faith in your life? Do you live utterly devoted to God and the life He has for you? Did you have faith strong enough to move mountains for His glory? And did you use it?

Lord, revive our faith, and please make it stronger than ever before. We can’t do this alone.