Cross Road

Notes from the Walk

101st Post

This is the 101st post on Cross Road! Just wanted to take a minute to say how much I appreciate every follower we have here. I love writing for this site and getting to know you guys too! I'm so amazed... Continue Reading →

Following in Uncertainty

Short Read: Have you ever felt a strange pull from the Holy Spirit in a direction you didn't understand?

Simply Abiding

Most of us have heard this story before, but how often do we glance over the incredible message it shows?


Grace versus guilt, which do you think comes out on top?


We're all tempted by something; how can we fight against our sinful nature by God's Word?

Our Savior

Thank You, God Who truly saves!

Christian Community

Relationships are hard enough when you do know what to do...

Thank you

A post for everyone this Memorial Day...


Jesus asks us a disconcerting question...

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