Cross Road

Notes from the Walk



Happy Mothers Day to all our beloved moms out there! God sure did make a miracle when He made you! Thank you for everything you've done, and we admit we didn't always make it easy. Praying God gives you a... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Word of God

Our time reading the Bible isn't supposed to be just another obligation...

Save me

God, only by Your love can i be healed...


Bad things happen, good things happen... Can we see them differently? Can we truly see God in them?

Who are we supposed to be?

In a world where you can be anything...

This is the Air I Breathe

Lord, please remind us all that we need You more than oxygen!


Short Read: Dealing with leftover resentment.

Living Committed

Though merciful, our Father still demands our obedience. How can we keep going?

Living As Sacrifices

So we are called to be living sacrifices. How are we supposed to make God our whole life?

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