Cross Road

Notes from the Walk



Keep Fighting the Good Fight

How much of your heart…

Short Read: Does God hold as much of our hearts as He should?


When we don't feel like we have one...

Following in Uncertainty

Short Read: Have you ever felt a strange pull from the Holy Spirit in a direction you didn't understand?

Simply Abiding

Most of us have heard this story before, but how often do we glance over the incredible message it shows?


Jesus asks us a disconcerting question...

We have a responsibility: We owe God Almighty a response to all He's done for us. Not a reaction, a reaction is an involuntary affect of something acting on us. It's easy to react to God's grace and wonder when... Continue Reading →


There's so much we have to learn...

Sharing your Testimony

Why is something so powerful considered so awkward?

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