Cross Road

Notes from the Walk



The Sweet Love of Jesus

We don't think about it enough!

A Quiet Life

What does it really mean?

Happy Father's Day to all our Dads out there! Just because moms have it way harder doesn't mean we can't be thankful for you guys too, right? Just kidding (Dad-joke). Thanks for all you do in leading our families and... Continue Reading →


When we don't feel like we have one...

Simply Abiding

Most of us have heard this story before, but how often do we glance over the incredible message it shows?

We have a responsibility: We owe God Almighty a response to all He's done for us. Not a reaction, a reaction is an involuntary affect of something acting on us. It's easy to react to God's grace and wonder when... Continue Reading →


There's so much we have to learn...

Happy Mothers Day to all our beloved moms out there! God sure did make a miracle when He made you! Thank you for everything you've done, and we admit we didn't always make it easy. Praying God gives you a... Continue Reading →

When God stops us…

A reminder for when God stops you from doing what you thought was right

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