Cross Road

Notes from the Walk



How much of your heart…

Short Read: Does God hold as much of our hearts as He should?

Thank you

A post for everyone this Memorial Day...


Jesus asks us a disconcerting question...

We have a responsibility: We owe God Almighty a response to all He's done for us. Not a reaction, a reaction is an involuntary affect of something acting on us. It's easy to react to God's grace and wonder when... Continue Reading →

Mutual Affection

Short Read: What does the Bible say about affection versus love?

Happy Mothers Day to all our beloved moms out there! God sure did make a miracle when He made you! Thank you for everything you've done, and we admit we didn't always make it easy. Praying God gives you a... Continue Reading →

A Love Story

A beautiful act under less-than typical circumstances...

When God stops us…

A reminder for when God stops you from doing what you thought was right

A Letter to the Class of 2017

(And anyone else who may be interested.)

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