Cross Road

Notes from the Walk



God’s Glory, Not Ours

Who is your actions glorifying?

Christian Community

Relationships are hard enough when you do know what to do...


There's so much we have to learn...

Mutual Affection

Short Read: What does the Bible say about affection versus love?

Happy Mothers Day to all our beloved moms out there! God sure did make a miracle when He made you! Thank you for everything you've done, and we admit we didn't always make it easy. Praying God gives you a... Continue Reading →

No post today, but here's something you can do: Thank God for friends that are close as family, and family you love spending time with as much as friends! And thank Him for being our good, good Father and our... Continue Reading →

Living In Jesus

It's beautiful to live in Jesus, isn't it? And He's calling us even deeper...

Save me

God, only by Your love can i be healed...

Love’s Messy

Isn't everything supposed to be clean now?

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